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black friesian horse running in desert.jpg
black friesian horse running in desert.jpg

-The Origin Story-  


It all started with an impulsive idea at 9 pm.  Dani called Leah and asked if she wanted to do something that might seem "kinda weird but awesome!"  Of course, Leah was into it.  Seven minutes later, Leah walked into Dani's house, and each drew a couple of Runes, looking for inspiration for how to name their dream.  There are 25 Runes in a set, and they both drew the same: Ehwaz, which represents movement, the horse, and can also prophesy harmonious cooperation of two forces that want to achieve the same goal.  If that wasn't a nudge toward destiny, I don't know what is!  Leah took it from there and, being a lover of languages and words, dove into Sanskrit.


 The combination of "asva," meaning horse in Sanskrit, and "satori," which in Zen Buddhism represents a brief glimpse of personal enlightenment, creates a word encompassing a mindset of movement, choice (or as we like to call it, "agency"), and questing toward personal growth, self-discovery, and liberation.

"Asva" is symbolic in various cultural and spiritual contexts and represents the ever-evolving balance between taming and freedom. It embodies movement and change. The wild nature of the horse reminds us of our limitless capacity to release limitations or burdens. It represents individuals seeking personal transformation.

"Satori" highlights the processes of one's pursuit toward self-enlightenment, but only ever arriving at a brief "lifting of the veil" to glimpse one's true nature. The concept of Satori teaches us that our personal work is never done. While questing for wisdom and transformation, we discover just enough insight to fuel our desire to continue our journey, knowing no end destination awaits us; instead, our questing and growth are the destination. 

Ashvatori was created for those seeking personal growth and self-realization and encapsulates the movement, agency, evolution, and journey of personal empowerment and self-discovery. 

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