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Our Story

AshvaTori was born from a shared vision for sustainable and thriving wellness ecosystems between practitioners and individuals. We understand that both wellness entrepreneur practices, and the individuals they serve, need systems in place to support fulfilling sustainability in order to be successful in attaining and maintaining goals.


Founded by a dynamic duo—a Nurse Practitioner and a Health Educator—our core mission is empowering the healthcare ecosystem for health entrepreneurs and individuals. At the heart of our approach is embracing a Curious Rebel's mindset, recognizing that true growth often lies beyond familiar boundaries.


At AshvaTori, we are dedicated to serving two branches of our community: independent health and wellness entrepreneurs and individuals seeking personal well-being. 

AshvaTori Logo

For Wellness Entrepreneurs:

Leah Burkhart and Dani Dupuis, founders of AshvaTori

Join the AshvaTori Community for wellness Innovators! 

Are you a passionate Independent healthcare practitioner looking to amplify your impact and reach a wider audience? Join the AshvaTori community and unlock a world of opportunities!

 Record Your Expertise:

Showcase your health education content through captivating videos or podcasts. Share your insights, inspire others, and contribute to our collective mission of fostering wellness.

Expand Your Reach:

Your valuable content won't just stay within your community – we'll help you share it with a broader audience, allowing you to connect with more individuals seeking your expertise.

Unlock Revenue Streams:

Your knowledge is not just empowering; it's valuable. Leverage your content to create additional revenue streams and establish your brand as a wellness authority.

To your success,

Dani and Leah Founders, AshvaTori

For Wellness Seekers:

Leah Burkhart and Dani Dupuis, founders of AshvaTori

Discover well-being within the four pillars of our Wellness Seeker Ecosystem:


The RiseWell Collective: 

Join transformative experiences—face-to-face, virtually, or on demand. Elevate your well-being with empowering workshops and vibrant community camaraderie.

AshvaTori Teachable Library: 

Dive into wellness wisdom. Access videos, courses, and podcasts by diverse wellness entrepreneurs. Enrich your knowledge, shaping your path to wellness.


AshvaTori Excursions: 

Embark on soul-enriching adventures, starting at $10. Experience invigoration and meaningful connections.

AshvaTori Book Club:

Dive into inspiring reads and stimulating conversations. Connect, share insights, and expand your perspective—for free!


Step into a thriving world of wellness and growth. Engage curiosity, choose your path, and join AshvaTori today.

To your vibrant well-being,

The AshvaTori Team

What's the AshvaTori Approach?

Inspired by the mindset of The Curious Rebel, we embrace curiosity, authenticity, resiliency, and adaptability—catalysts for personal growth—and aim to address the challenges of taking on lifestyle changes alone by providing enjoyable group activities that foster camaraderie and promote a sense of fun and community. Through this approach, we support you as you integrate new health practices into your life. Empowering you with a newfound agency within your life. A Curious Rebel mindset ignites the spark for adventure and fun, making the journey of personal growth exciting and fulfilling.


For both wellness Entrepreneurs and individuals, we firmly believe in the power of camaraderie, personal agency, and a Curious Rebel mindset. We aim to create an environment where wellness entrepreneurs and individuals thrive, fostering a harmonious synergy between wellness seekers and healers. Together, we build a more robust and sustainable future for our wellness communities, of which we are all members.

Building a wellness Ecosystem with:
-The Curious Rebel's Toolbox-

Known as "The Curious Rebel's Toolbox," the items below serve as resources for creating a sustainable and thriving wellness ecosystem for practitioners and individuals.


Learn it!

We provide Courses and workshops for members of our community. Individuals can access health education, register for programs, or download content whenever it's convenient.  We cover content that covers the full range of life experiences (spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional wellness). If you are an individual, click HERE to view courses and content. 

AshvaTori group excursion to Buena Vista Lavender Farm in Silverton, Oregon

Experience it!

Embark on enriching experiences with our AshvaTori Excursions: Join our vibrant community for monthly adventures, from book clubs, and lavender farm visits to exciting activities like hiking and ax throwing, and discover the transformative power of shared new experiences. To view AshvaTori's calendar for upcoming excursions, please click here

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Lead it!

AshvaTori partners with you, the wellness entrepreneur, to capture your expertise and knowledge and share this with your clients so you work smarter, not harder.  Ashvatori facilitates learning platforms for practitioners to record the wellness topics they are passionate about sharing with their patients. If you are a practitioner interested in learning more, please click here.  

Meet The Team

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